Latin Duo

Since 2010, they began their journey in artistic creation. With an itinerant approach, they have taken their productions to several continents, standing out on stages in Europe, America and South America, with destinations that include Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Ecuador, the Balearic Islands, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. These works, which fuse circus, music, theater and dance, seek to captivate diverse audiences, providing authentic and memorable experiences.

Latin Duo fuses the circus traditions of Argentina and Peru to create a unique and exciting show. Rodrigo and Caterina, representatives of their respective countries, combine skills to celebrate the cultural richness of Latin America. Pioneers in the creation of inclusive and family-friendly shows, Latin Duo seeks to transcend borders, fusing technical skill with artistic expression. Their aspiration is to continue growing and sharing unforgettable moments that engage the audience in reflection and joy.